GLADU: Several important debates remain as Parliamentary session draws to a close

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First, I want to again offer my support and sincere condolences to the Muslim community across Canada, after the horrific attack on a Muslim family in London on June 6. This kind of racist hatred and violence has no place in Canada, and we must do more to prevent it. I stand with the Muslim community and grieve with them in this difficult time. We must do more to build a Canada free from prejudice and persecution.

As we approach the end of this Parliamentary session, I want to again thank our community for all your extended patience throughout this pandemic. It is my sincere hope we are able to progress into the provincial reopening stages very soon. My ongoing thanks as well to our healthcare teams, as you have all continued to do excellent work throughout this pandemic.

As the session draws to a close, several important debates remain. Bill C-10, the internet censorship bill is being pushed through. On June 7, Liberal MPs, supported by the Bloc Québécois, voted to restrict the amount of time Bill C-10 can be debated in the Heritage Committee to just five hours, meaning they are working hard to rush the Bill through without performing the necessary due diligence to ensure this Bill does not in fact infringe upon the rights and freedoms we hold dear in this country. This Bill has been contentious and damaging since the Liberals took out an important protective clause that would ensure user content on social media wouldn’t be regulated—but as they have done nothing to rectify this destructive decision, the possibility of the CRTC regulating Canadians’ online content remains very real. If you are against this possibility, please sign the petition on my website in opposition of Bill C-10, which can be found here.


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The Liberals will also pass the Conversion Therapy Bill with the support of the Bloc and NDP, having rejected a Conservative amendment to protect the freedom of speech of individuals, parents, pastors and counsellors. The Budget Bill, increasing our debt to $1.3 trillion dollars, will also pass. Additional Bills that may pass are the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and the “net zero by 2050” Bill.

In the Status of Women Committee, Conservative members are pushing hard to ensure the Committee tables in the House of Commons its report on its study of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces. This is necessary to ensure the public has an official recorded report of witness testimony, including what changes we need to see in our Armed Forces to ensure the safety of our brave women and men in uniform. We tabled the Committee’s report on unpaid work, and will be tabling the impacts on rural women report as well.

On a happy note, I was proud to introduce my Private Member’s Bill (PMB), titled, Act to amend the Governor General’s Act (retiring annuity and other benefits). Part of my Shadow Minister portfolio includes Critic of the President of the Queen’s Privy Council, who is responsible for legislative matters related to the Governor General. This past winter, I received a high volume of communications across all platforms from constituents regarding their displeasure with Madame Julie Payette’s lifetime pension and benefits, after she was made to resign in disgrace as Governor General. Madame Payette will continue to collect more than $300,000 annually in taxpayer funds in pension and benefits, despite her short and allegedly toxic time in office—just 3.5 years. My new PMB would legislate that any Governor General is not eligible for a retiring annuity or other benefits unless they hold office for at least five consecutive years, as stated in the summary of the Bill. This would ensure Canadians never have to suffer another scandal such as the one brought on by Madame Payette.

These next few weeks will be busy indeed. My constituency office remains here to serve you via phone or email—call 519-383-6600 or email at any time with your concerns.

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