Magician hopes box of tricks will reappear

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Marien Hopman has a special trick up his sleeve for the thieves who swiped some of his cherished possessions last week.

They can return his box of magic tools and gadgets to his home in the middle of the night — and he'll make any potential repercussions vanish.

Last Thursday, the Chatham man was shocked to discover the items missing from his Jeep, which was parked at his Queen Street home.

Also taken was his vehicle ownership, insurance papers, silver dollar money clip, cellphone, sunglasses, an air compressor, binoculars and several hundred dollars in cash.

Fortunately, his passport was untouched.

“I've lived here for 22 years, never had a problem,” Hopman said on Tuesday.

He admitted the vehicle was unlocked at the time, but noted thieves can simply break windows to gain entry and grab what they want.

A well-known magician in the area for six decades, Hopman said the box of magic was worth about $1,000.

It contained magic cards, coins, wooden cigars, rings, strings, chains and other items.

Many of the gadgets are no longer in production, Hopman added, due to businesses closing, or the deaths of the inventors themselves.

“That's what hurt the most,” he said, noting the thieves likely wouldn't know what to do with the tricks anyway. “Money can be replaced.”

Although he has duplicates for some of them, he hopes they are returned. He compared them to a beloved musical instrument.

“I have lots of magic still. But these were special to me,” he said. “You can buy a new guitar. But it's not the same.”

Hopman reported the theft to the police and contacted area pawn shops.

However, he said if those responsible simply drop off the magic items and the silver dollar money clip to his side door, all will be forgotten — no questions asked.

“There will be no charges laid. Keep the money,” he said.





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