C-K police help corral wayward cattle

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Six young cattle beasts had a short-lived adventure, after striking out from an insecure enclosure near Wallaceburg on Wednesday.

The livestock was spotted by The Chatham Daily News, grazing on the front lawn of Ed and Colleen Janssens property, just metres from Baseline Road.

The Janssens weren't home at the time, but that didn't stop the wayward animals from investigating their children's playset in the backyard and feasting on sugar beet leaves growing in a nearby field.

"We've been called out there at least twice today," Chatham-Kent Staff Sgt. Ed Gibson told The Daily News.

Two cruisers pulled up to a neighbouring farm on Meadowvale Line to contact the owner.

An unidentified man jumped on an all-terrain vehicle and headed alongside a cornfield to retrieve the animals.

Police positioned their cruisers to block the cattle from heading back towards the highway.

The ATV was used to flush the animals out of the Janssens' yard, past a cruiser and back into the sugar beet field.

The cattle then disappeared as they walked through some cornstalks.

"It happens all over the municipality," Gibson said, referring to other calls of farm animals wandering loose on or near roadways.

This time police called the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to investigate.

"It's more about looking into the safety of the animals and their condition," Gibson said.

The officer said the owner doesn't live at the farm and the problem is an insecure fence.

"The fence has been neglected. The cows go out for a walk," he said.

Gibson recalled a similar situation recently that did not end on a happy note.

A horse died instantly when struck by a truck on Pioneer Line, he said.

"Luckily the driver of the truck was not injured," Gibson said.

Staff at the OSPCA were later seen talking to the man on the ATV.

An inspector confirmed the cattle were back home, safe and sound.








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